Population changes, global economics, and technological trends have exacerbated the challenges of delivering and accessing quality, affordable health care in rural communities. The Center for Optimizing Rural Health (CORH) partners with rural hospitals and their communities to identify needs and leverage available resources to work towards a future where all Americans can access quality care.

CORH collects, digests, and tracks data and provides assistance and tools to encourage the adoption and implementation of evidence-based best practices that ensure rural hospitals are delivering the care their community needs while respecting their resources. Many leaders and administrators in rural care settings serve in a variety of roles and do not have the capacity to implement larger, strategic projects. CORH makes these projects feasible and manageable by providing technical assistance and identifying solutions specific to each community that enable hospitals to sustainably deliver the best care mix to serve their residents.

CORH cares deeply about rural communities and is committed to helping them thrive. By engaging each community individually and identifying their specific priorities and concerns, CORH can recommend evidence-based best practices that correspond with the needs of each health system.

Improving access to quality health care revitalizes and energizes rural communities. By working with CORH, rural hospitals can sustainably provide high-quality care that meets to the needs of each community.