USDA and Rural Health: How Does Rural Development Help with Rural Healthcare?


Kellie Kubena, USDA Rural Health Liaison
Chad Parker, Deputy Administrator, Community Facilities Program, Rural Housing Service
Derek Jones, Chief, Public-Private Partnerships Branch, Rural Business and Cooperative Service
Teresa Hunkapillar, Grant Management Specialist, Telecommunications Program, Rural Utilities Service


USDA is so much more than prime beef! As one of the 8 mission areas in USDA, Rural Development is solely focused on the economic development of rural communities across the United States. With more than 50 programs that can help with housing all the way to power generation, experts from the Rural Development Telecommunications, Community Facilities, Business and Industry, and Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant programs will talk specifically about some programs that can support rural healthcare. Healthcare providers and the organizations that support them are welcome to learn more about USDA Rural Development and share their experiences with the challenges of providing healthcare in rural communities.


1) Learn more about the programs that USDA offers through Rural Development to support rural healthcare
2) Better understand Rural Development organization and who to contact for help
3) Share with USDA Rural Development some of the challenges facing rural healthcare providers


USDA RD CORH 11-2022.pdf

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