Service Line Implementation for Rural Hospitals


Jeanne M. Goche, MA, JD

President/CEO, Solutions in Health Care Management


1. Identify the issues to be addressed in researching the pros and cons of adding a service line
2. New service line development shifts to creating planning schedule
3. Planning shifts to creating implementation schedule and internal communication plan covering many of the same elements outlined above.

Webinar Summary:

This webinar will cover the key concepts in service line development and implementation for rural health care. Rural organizations should take many of the same steps in adding a service line as do larger organizations. It’s important to note, however, that the rural organization won’t be successful by simply copying what larger organizations are doing. The business plan will consist of distinct reimbursement, market, and operational issues for a rural setting.
The concepts addressed will include financial analysis, market research, budgeting, and staffing. Additional resources will also be provided.

Downloadable Material:


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