With fierce competition for a qualified candidate might come the need to retool the marketing around the position being hired for, most importantly the job posting.  A few easy steps can make your practice’s position more appealing to potential candidates, generating more interest in your practice and allowing you a wider pool for choosing.

  • Streamlining Web Presence: The first look any candidate will have of your practice is its website. A modern and professional looking website will help showcase your practice’s vibrancy. Outdated websites can give the appearance of neglect that might damage your practices reputation with potential candidates.
  • Streamlining Job Ads: A candidate’s first interaction with your practice likely happens here when they first see a position’s posting. Skipping a few things can make your posting more attractive:
    • The very obvious: There’s no need to specify that a physician needs to be a graduate from a medical school, you will later confirm licensure so leave it out of the ad.
    • The uncomfortable: Some standard human resources terminology can be alienating to candidates; ensuring that the job posting is readable and sounds natural goes a long way in highlighting your workplace.

In addition to removing some things, being intentional in the addition and emphasis of certain aspects of your practice can help with candidate engagement:

    • Belonging: Your job ad should help candidates understand the culture of your workspace and most importantly how they might fit in. This can be done by highlighting your practice’s and provider’s stories through video stories and personal messages from your staff.
    • Fulfillment: How will an employee be fulfilled at this workplace?
    • Esteem: Describe the ways that the provider can take leadership and grow as a member of your team.
    • Prosperity: What are the monetary benefits that your practice can offer e.g. loan repayments, competitive pay, and vacation?
  • Streamlining the Ad location: Where your job ad is placed often decides who has access to it (who sees it).
    • Job Boards: Many job platforms exist to match medical providers with practices. With the growing prevalence of the internet, these are often the first places that job-seekers search. A non-exhaustive list includes: