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Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care Caroline Billings Release Date- January 10, 2022 Review Date- April 20, 2022 Many Concierge Medicine (CM) and Direct Primary Care (DPC) concepts are linked, [...]
Making Corporate Compliance Practical and Manageable in 2021: Webinar Recap Webinar Presented by Patty Harper, RHIA, CHTS-IM, CHTS-PW, CHC® Write-up Created by Caroline Billings Release Date- May 1, 2021 Review [...]
Hospital District Expansion and Related Issues Caroline Billings Release Date- August 4, 2020 Review Date- April 20, 2022 For hospital districts to expand, a district must begin by reviewing the [...]

Rural facilities are challenged to maintain and sustain high impact Quality Improvement (QI) Programs due to limited access to QI experts and resources. Additionally, QI teams lack system-wide support of QI and Process Improvement (PI) Projects developed to drive change.

This document details 8 steps that your practice can take to make your patients safer and so improve the quality of care.

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) is a tool used to plan and document your progress with tests of change conducted as part of the improvement process.

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