Optimizing Engagement With Patients

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Patient Satisfaction: Improving and Increasing Responses Patient satisfaction is a process, not an outcome. Satisfaction is not an endpoint but [...]
Patient Out-Migration Review—Best Practices If one of your community members lives in your hospital’s primary service area but leaves town [...]
How to Build Trust Among Patients with Language Barriers Members of the LEP community face different barriers to receiving accessible [...]
Communication in Healthcare Deficient communication in healthcare can reduce the quality of care, increase wastage of resources, and cause high [...]
Workplace Violence Prevention Standards (New Guidance Released June 18, 2021) Beginning January 1, 2022, revised workplace violence prevention standards will [...]
Discharge Planning Studies show that around 20% of patients have an adverse incident within 30 days of their discharge from [...]
Implementing Case Management Programs Case management systems have been shown to be effective at reducing overcrowding and improving patients’ quality [...]

Survivors of sexual assaults who live in rural areas sometimes must travel upwards of 4 hours to receive medical care […]

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the delivery of outpatient care in healthcare settings. Hospitals and clinics are being forced to defer […]

The goal outcomes of the Community Health Development Approach are improving the overall health status of the population and increasing the community’s capacity to handle health issues.

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