Optimizing Engagement With Patients

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Implementing Case Management Programs Case management systems have been shown to be effective at reducing overcrowding and improving patients’ quality of life. In 2013, CMS began paying bonuses to or extracting penalties from hospitals depending on their overall quality of care. Case managers are some of the most vital staff members in improving the quality [...]

Survivors of sexual assaults who live in rural areas sometimes must travel upwards of 4 hours to receive medical care and medical forensic exams. This can be difficult and often very hard on the survivor.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the delivery of outpatient care in healthcare settings. Hospitals and clinics are being forced to defer elective and preventive visits to decrease the risk of transmitting the virus to patients and healthcare providers while attempting to quickly implement telehealth options under unideal conditions.

The goal outcomes of the Community Health Development Approach are improving the overall health status of the population and increasing the community’s capacity to handle health issues.

The first interactions that your practice has with patients usually occurs over the phone. These interactions are critical in setting the tone and outward appearance of your practice. This document will review tips and best practice guidelines for handling phone calls in your organization.

Increasing community outreach and marketing hospital services is a great way to reaffirm your commitment to the community, build your brand, and showcase the services your hospital provides. These tips will help maximize your reach regardless of your budget.

Community Engagement is a series of purposeful activities intended to build or increase communication and collaboration between community stakeholders that will lead to a desired change. It is a long term commitment with short term wins along the way. Community Engagement is “doing, not just talking” and is stronger than just “participation”.

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