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Surprise Medical Billing Caroline Billings Release Date- January 24, 2022 Review Date- April 4, 2022 The No Surprises Act was [...]
Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care Caroline Billings Release Date- January 10, 2022 Review Date- April 20, 2022 Many Concierge [...]
Critical Access Hospital 96-Hour Rule Caroline Billings Release Date- June 17, 2021 Review Date- April 4, 2022 To receive payment [...]
Making Corporate Compliance Practical and Manageable in 2021: Webinar Recap Webinar Presented by Patty Harper, RHIA, CHTS-IM, CHTS-PW, CHC® Write-up [...]
Implementing Case Management Programs Caroline Billings Release Date- April 1, 2021 Review Date- March 7, 2022 Case management systems have [...]
Training HR Candidates in Rural Areas HR candidates with training and experience in healthcare settings can be hard to come [...]

Physician contracts generally cover many aspects of work and consider incentives and compensation. These agreements should reflect the behaviors that […]

Hospital District Expansion and Related Issues Caroline Billings Release Date- August 4, 2020 Review Date- April 20, 2022 For hospital [...]

Nearly 28% of new employees quit inside 90 days of employment due to poor onboarding procedures. Effective onboarding increases retention rates and employee satisfaction and lowers stress on both the employee and employer ends. These techniques should extend beyond the training period of the new hires.

Emergency Cash Flow Planning Resources that Rural Healthcare and Rural Providers should be accessing immediately.

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The Toolbox is designed to contain tools that rural hospitals use to face their unique challenges.