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Surprise Medical Billing Caroline Billings Release Date- January 24, 2022 Review Date- April 4, 2022 The No Surprises Act was signed into law on December 27, 2020, as a portion [...]
Rural OB Care Caroline Billings Released: January 31, 2022 In 2015, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that urban areas had a pregnancy-related mortality ratio of 18.2 [...]
Geriatric Programs In the last decade, more hospitals have taken note of the cost savings and patient loyalty affiliated with specialized geriatric units, including geriatric-specific service lines and emergency rooms. [...]
Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care Caroline Billings Release Date- January 10, 2022 Review Date- April 20, 2022 Many Concierge Medicine (CM) and Direct Primary Care (DPC) concepts are linked, [...]
Rural Suicide Prevention Suicide rates are typically higher in rural areas than more urban areas. Suicide prevention can be more challenging in rural communities with more expansive stretches of land [...]
Patient Satisfaction: Improving and Increasing Responses Patient satisfaction is a process, not an outcome. Satisfaction is not an endpoint but is something a healthcare facility works on and strives for [...]
Patient Out-Migration Review—Best Practices If one of your community members lives in your hospital’s primary service area but leaves town for treatment elsewhere—that is an issue. Hospitals are integrating providers [...]
How to Build Trust Among Patients with Language Barriers Members of the LEP community face different barriers to receiving accessible and equitable health care. Unfortunately, LEP patients are 53% more [...]
Communication in Healthcare Deficient communication in healthcare can reduce the quality of care, increase wastage of resources, and cause high healthcare costs. Misunderstandings about medications and miscommunications about follow-up or [...]
Underpayments and Chronic Undercharging The underpayment and undercharging baseline for 6,000,000 claims a year range from ½% to 2%. Reviewing all the claim transactions for recouping or process improvements would [...]

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