Leadership for New Line Managers and Executives in Rural Health Care Organizations

Presented by: Jeanne M. Goche, MA, JD

This webinar will provide an overview of effective leadership practices for health care professionals who are new managers and/or executives.

Who Would Benefit from this Webinar:

  • Executives new to the C-suite in a rural health care organization.
  • Former front-line staff persons working in a rural health care organization who are new to a supervisory position.
  • Staff persons working in a rural health care organization who aspire to a supervisory and/or executive position.

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify the impact of leadership on the culture of health care organizations in rural areas.
  2. Review effective leadership fundamentals.
  3. Learn about common management styles, as well as their strengths and weaknesses
  4. Reference additional resources on leadership in health care organizations.

Downloadable Material:

Leadership Slides for Texas A&M Webinar Feb 23 2022 2-20-2022.pdf

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