OCTOBER 29TH, 2018

“Initiating the Technical Advisory Center for Vulnerable Rural Hospitals is an exciting event at a time that many eyes are looking at the issues and challenges of maintaining access to care for the portion of the United States that lives remote from tertiary medical centers and easy access to modern medical technology. The Center working together with engaged communities hopes to identify processes, collaborations, and activities that will see a new day in rural care emerging across the country.”

This kickoff event is an opportunity to learn more about the technical advisory center, its breadth and opportunities, and specifically about the process to apply for different levels of technical assistance from the Center. The Center leadership will walk through the application elucidating the particular information desired in the questions. A generous amount of time has been set aside for webinar participants to ask questions after the conclusion of the structured presentation.

The webinar will be recorded and available for those who cannot sign in for the live event.