Defending Rural Healthcare Against Ransomware

Defending Rural Healthcare Against Ransomware


  • Michael Hamilton, Founder and CISO, Critical Insight
  • Fred Langston, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Critical Insight
  • Johnathen Inskeep, Senior Security Strategist, Critical Insight
  • Jake Milstein, CRO and Moderator, Critical Insight


Rural healthcare organizations have become a favorite target of cyber criminals. The bad guys know the hospitals are more vulnerable and are more likely to pay a ransom, because they are the only care provider for miles.

Some of the healthcare organizations have even closed after ransomware because it’s just one more burden in a world of pressures that includes staffing and resourcing.

This discussion will review the moving parts of cybersecurity and touch on methods for minimizing spend while providing the ability to PREPARE for a cyberattack, DETECT one rapidly, and RESPOND decisively, limiting the impact of attacks.

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