MARCH 24, 2020

The emergence of COVID-19 has caused an almost unprecedented amount of change in the framework surrounding rural care. The CORH team is dedicated to providing regular updates on this evolving situation to healthcare leaders across the country.

As the pandemic unfolds, we foresee sending out updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with new developments.

As of 3/23/2020, the CDC’s Number of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19: 33,404

See a city-by-city map of confirmed cases:

CMS offering deferment and exemptions on quality reporting during pandemic

Hospitals nationwide are urged to postpone elective surgery

CMS approves Medicaid Section 1135 waivers for 11 new states

NRHA announces list of free trainings and resources to providers and hospitals to combat pandemic

EMR providers beginning to launch pro-bono tools to combat pandemic spread

AHA seeking up to 100 billion to aide hospitals

Shortage of critical PPE beginning to intensify

CDC offering COVID-19 clinical decision support through website

NRHA develops “Call First” toolkit to promote patient information around COVID-19

  • Access the toolkit here.

FDA warning of fraudulent COVID-19 test kits

CMS unveils new nursing home inspection process

Check with proper State Board of Pharmacy for information on COVID-19 prescriptions

  • Pharmaceutical measures are still in early stages.
  • Two promising treatments, Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine, are still unapproved for covid-19, but clinical trials are ongoing.
  • Physicians are being offered wide-latitude with “off-label” prescriptions.
  • A full list of Boards of Pharmacy is available at: