MARCH 19, 2020

The emergence of COVID-19 has caused an almost unprecedented amount of change in the framework surrounding rural care. The CORH team is dedicated to providing regular updates on this evolving situation to healthcare leaders across the country.

As the pandemic unfolds, we foresee sending out updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with new developments.

As of 3/19/2020, the CDC’s Number of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19: 7,038

HRSA expects to expedite funding to hospitals from the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act; expect awarding before the end of March

Congress passes bill providing free testing for COVID-19 patients; presidential approval expected

CMS Beginning to grant 1135 Medicaid Waivers; Florida first state; more expected

Trump Administration extends telehealth payments

HIPAA Penalties Suspended for telehealth

Steps for Preparing your Clinics for COVID-19 CDC Infographic

Rural areas can expect to be heavily impacted by COVID-19

  • Rural demographics are thought to be heavily susceptible to COVID-19. Extra precautions should be taken with elderly, diabetic, smoker, and patients with high blood pressure.
  • Rural hospitals are also advised to issue statements among their communities to promote social distancing. A great deal of misinformation exists among certain groups; utilizing community-engaged care providers to spread proper public health messages can overcome that trend.

CMS unveils new rules to combat spread in nursing homes