Reflections On 2021

Reflections On 2021 By Dr. Nancy Dickey, December 2021 2021 was a roller coaster of a year. The country began implementing a high-speed fast vaccine rollout in its early months. [...] Read More

CORH BLOG: Thankful for Rural Healthcare Workers

CORH BLOG: Thankful for Rural Healthcare Workers November 2021 In light of Thanksgiving and showing gratitude for others, the Center for Optimizing Rural Health (CORH) would like to recognize and [...] Read More

CORH BLOG: Stronger Together

CORH BLOG: Stronger Together By Melissa Lackey and Caroline Billings, October 2021 Now more than ever, building and leaning on solid relationships is imperative for the success and safety of [...] Read More

The Resiliency of Rural

THE RESILIENCY OF RURAL By Cassity Avila, September 2021 The ability to recover quickly from difficulty is an essential life and leadership skill. COVID-19 is testing our resilience in ways [...] Read More